Thursday, November 14, 2013

Filthy Details On Dragon Nest Gold Divulged——

Dragon Nest Gold  is introducing the first raid experience, a 10-man (and 10-dragon) affair, in the next update scheduled to hit in just a few days along with a level cap raise to 90.  but it's already getting its first major patch to include the Highlord system, allowing players to rule over islands controlled through territory wars.

  1. Thanks to the spiffy use of technology, I was able to zoom along through the air as the battles unfolded below and around me without my having to dodge killing blows from my enemies. Dubbed the Frontier System, this combination puts PvP on the housing islands of Auratia. However, the implementation is probably not quite what players envisioned when they first heard about it. Luckily, I got a pretty good look at how it all works from my invulnerable perch and can share that with you.
  2. Here is how it works: A giant egg-shaped crystal will spawn on the housing islands periodically; its destruction will open up the ability for alliances to travel to this special PvP instance. Whoever controls the PvP instance is considered the owner of the crystal and is the defender. When it respawns, the defenders can protect it and fight to drive the enemies away (to prevent the PvP instance from even popping and hence protecting their ownership interests). 
  3. However, as soon as the attacking alliances destroy this crystal, the PvP zone is enabled and the real battles can begin.DN gold be eligible to enter, players must be in an alliance, which consists of two to five guilds. As it stands, there is only one NPC, and he gets so thoroughly mobs by players that getting in the instance quickly -- and therefore getting a chance to spread out and find a good position on the battlefield -- is nigh impossible for most players. There are actually a number of different elements built into the battlefield. 
  4. Carson explained, "We put some balancing factors in to make it a little more strategic." Strategy, in fact, can play a very important role.Points are also awarded for every PvP and for every PC guard kill. Although the PvP kills all award the same chunk of points, there are differing point values for the various guards.Carrying one of these crystals also gives the player a special buff, so anyone who mouses over the player will notice that he is carrying a crystal and can then attack to make him drop it. 
This adds a whole capture-the-flag element to the game.Randomly, a Doom Dragon can spawn and target whichever alliance is currently in the lead. Four legendary dragons await adventurers in the new Dragon Nest Power Leveling  Temple dungeon: Sammos the Resplendent, Vita the Stalwart Shield, Izamu the Relentless Tide, and Fadero the Heavenly Storm.Dragon's Prophet has only been out in Europe for a few weeks.

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