Friday, November 8, 2013

Dragon Nest Gold For the Dummies——

Dragon Nest Gold

If you think fighting alongside one Dragon Nest Gold  is pretty great, then you should love fighting alongside 10!Dragon's Prophet EU is introducing the first raid experience, a 10-man (and 10-dragon) affair, in the next update scheduled to hit in just a few days along with a level cap raise to 90.Sure, you've had only a little time to play and haven't yet explored all of the launch content, but updates give you the feeling of a game that keeps getting updated rather than one that's stagnant. 

  1. Dragon's Prophet gold has only been out in Europe for a few weeks, but it's already getting its first major patch to include the Highlord system, allowing players to rule over islands controlled through territory wars.I was able to zoom along through the air as the battles unfolded below and around me without my having to dodge killing blows from my enemies.
  2. When the Frontier System was first proposed and PvP was announced as a part of the housing system, I was not the only person who envisioned ducking around buildings and having battles on other people's lawns.Additionally, there are other elements that will affect the balance of power. Each alliance can buy and control a siege weapon that any alliance member can move and operate. 
  3. While some alliances are running to capture strongholds, some may be running to spawn a special powerful dragon that will fight for that side until destroyed. SOE has teamed up with Cinderella drummer Fred Coury and Vince Neil guitarist Brent Woods to produce a little ditty called Ride Until We Die.
The Dragon Nest Power Leveling publisher just released a new video that shares the story of approaching dangers that are coming to the European shores of the game and shows off a bit of the new region of Aluntia. What dangers will players meet in this new land?More details about the upcoming patch and the new region will be coming over the next few days. Until then, get a glimpse of these upcoming dangers in the trailer after the break.

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